InternationalWhat would a baby with an alien dad look like?

What would a baby with an alien dad look like?

This is a difficult question to answer, but if this Australian woman’s experience is real, she is one of the few people who can tell what a human kid with an extraterrestrial father might look like.

Meet Megan Liker, 24, who told physicians an astonishing narrative while hypnotised, which astounded them.

She says she was going through a municipal park alley when she observed a UFO hovering over her.

She was terrified as the ship neared her, so she tried to flee, but she was immediately dragged up by the beam of light (classic) within the craft. Megan became dizzy and fainted.

She woke up in total darkness and solitude. She screamed and yelled for help, but no one came to her aid.

After examining the place with her hands, she discovered that she was in a small room with perfectly smooth walls and floor.

Megan was able to make out humanoid shapes when a brilliant light flashed. She was contacted by two little creatures who told her she needed to get up.

The aliens were really tiny. She recognised they weren’t humans after only a few minutes.

For numerous years, the Australian woman claimed that aliens had been using her to generate hybrid kids.

Or would human-alien babies look like Baby Yoda? Photo:
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She claimed to have given birth to 48 alien-human hybrid offspring. On one occasion she managed to have a glimpse of one of the babies that they always take away from her after birth.

The glimpse of her child sickened her. According to Meghan, hybrid kids had human-like features except for their big eyes.

With their enormous heads and slender limbs and legs, they were unusual creatures she says.

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During captivity, the creatures with their big black eyes scrutinised the her. She was led into what seemed to be a surgical room.

The Grey aliens began to carry out something like a medical examination, after which she was placed in a small room with transparent walls, floor, and ceiling. Through the translucent walls, additional human female captives could be seen.

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