LifestyleWho would want a Bugatti made of clay from Vietnam?

Who would want a Bugatti made of clay from Vietnam?

A viral Twitter video, that garnered 10 million views in three days, shows a group of friends in Vietnam building a replica Bugatti out of clay.

The group originally posted the video to their YouTube channel, NHT TV, which also has other videos documenting the car’s year-long construction process, including the search for the material and patching of the clay on a bare-bone model.

Though the project got praised from Twitter users for the group’s inventiveness, there were others who criticised them for using clay in a moving car. They thought the safety of the car was in doubt.

But if you watch the video until the end, you will realise that the guys removes the clay mould from the frame and replaces it with fibreglass.

Which is still a better way to build a car and drive it around without much fears for the safety of the passengers.

Nevertheless, a user says:

“That’ll be one HEAVY car. The gas alone would cost a fortune to move it. That happened to Neil Young when he let master carpenters build him a wooden carved bus.
“Serious waste of money and time. But, the carpenters made out great in the deal. LOLOL Was a gorgeous immovable bus.” @1stEstra

Clay in car modelling

Clay has been used in car modelling for generations. Indeed, as an art form, it has aided in the creation of many great automobiles.
Designers use it to model the vehicle in order to examine its design and identify flaws before it is approved for mass production.
The vast majority of the world’s automobiles have been built using clay models. But this practice is now under threat from the rise of digitalisation in the car industry.
The entire conception of a car is now done by computers, from the visualisation to computerised milling and 3D printing.
But for some, the art of clay modelling is still not a thing of the past. Some renowned designers are still using clay to model their dream cars. The Vietnamese boys got it right!
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