RelationshipsWife, not thrilled with hubby's private part enhancement, seeks divorce!

Wife, not thrilled with hubby’s private part enhancement, seeks divorce!

When a guy has penis enlargement, the companion appears to be overly satisfied, but that could be the case in the movies, possibly not in real life.

Penis enlargement should be the inverse of breast augmentation. This appears to thrill males or the spouses of women who do so.

However, our story appears to have a different ending as a guy faces divorce from his wife, who is unhappy with his penis growth.

The local woman stated that she wants to apply for fasakh, a type of divorce in Islam. She claims she became concerned after learning that her spouse had received an injection to expand his penis.

According to one Fahmi Ramli who posted on a Facebook page of Peguam Syarie & Konsultan Perundangan Islam, the woman wanted to file for divorce because she was concerned that the enlargement would ruin her health and bring her damage. Peguam means lawyers in Malay and Syarie is for the Islamic laws.

However, the woman’s husband, according to Fahmi, refused to divorce his wife as it is his sole right to decide (according to Islamic rights) whether he will divorce the wife or not.

“If the husband does not want a divorce, the wife can file a fasakh, but the divorce or fasakh depends on the reason for the divorce.

“But what is certain is that in every state (in Malaysia) there are provisions saying that a wife can claim fasakh because of her husband’s large penis,” the Facebook post explains.

According to Fahmi, one way for the wife to gain attention and request the divorce to be declared is for her to undergo a psychological assessment.

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That manner, she may demonstrate that she is concerned and terrified about the prospects of such a marriage, allowing the following steps to be done.

“I once had a case related to the husband’s lust. The husband didn’t even think about his wife, whether his wife was sick or not. What he thought was only to satisfy his lust.

“We brought this case as one that is ‘hurting the body’ of the wife. This is proven by clinical examples of having effects such as torn or the like on the woman’s body,” he said.

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