SingaporeWild boar rescued after being trapped in road railing euthanized due to...

Wild boar rescued after being trapped in road railing euthanized due to injuries

A wild boar was trapped on a road railing in the area of ​​Punggol Road a few days ago. Although the young wild boar was rescued later, it was euthanized by the authorities due to its serious injuries.

The National Parks Board confirmed on 26th September in response to an inquiry from the media that it had decided to euthanize the wild boar after a veterinary diagnosis by the authorities.

The stranded wild boar incident happened last Wednesday (21st September). The National Parks Board said they received a report at around 6 p.m. that a wild boar was found trapped in the boundary railings in the road near Block 231, Hampshire Drive.

Park officials used tranquilizers to calm the wild boar and rescued it from the railing. However, after a veterinary inspection at the scene, it was found that the wild boar suffered multiple injuries, which may have been caused by its earlier attempt to escape on its own.

Ultimately, it was decided that the boar would be euthanised humanely on welfare grounds.

An online video shows that the wild boar was running nearby before the incident. Another video shows that the wild boar was trapped in the railing, unable to move forward or backward, and then managed to escape with the assistance of the National Parks Board staff.

In the meantime, the National Park Service is reminding the public not to dispose of injured wildlife on their own and to call the Animal Management Centre at 1800-476-1600.

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