EntertainmentWill Smith cast as Marvel hero who slaps Thanos in comical meme

Will Smith cast as Marvel hero who slaps Thanos in comical meme

Will Smith fans and sympathizers have gone the extra mile for their favourite celebrity casting him as a hero in Marvel’s Universe confronting evil villain Thanos in a meme that’s gaining traction since Friday. (April 15)

The clip was posted on the DC and Marvel Instagram fan page after Smith’s infamous slapping of comedian Chris Rock during the Oscars.

The incident has created fodder for a slew of memes including one where a Dr Strange fan edits footage of Will Smith’s slap showing Chris Rock’s astral form leave his body as a result of the impact. The meme mimics the out-of-body experience that Strange experienced in the Doctor Strange film.

The latest viral meme is by Dubai based content creator Hunain B. Riaz where Smith dresses up as one of the Avengers and enters another dimension in order to slap Thanos.

In the meme, the slap was so powerful it leaves a scar on Thanos’ cheek which goes down really well with fans judging by the way its trending.

“That’s an epic level editing,” said one Instagram user.

Riaz is known for his videos specifically one where he has a T-Rex facing off against Thanos which was so popular it gained 1.5 million views.

Will Smith has been in hot soup ever since he assaulted Chris Rock on stage for a comment the comedian made on GI Jane alluding to his wife Jada Pinkett-Smith’s bald head.

Pinkett Smith suffers from a medical condition called alopecia which causes hair loss.

At the same event, Will Smith also received the best actor award for his role in King Richard.

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King Richard is an American biographical sports drama film directed by Reinaldo Marcus Green and written by Zach Baylin. It follows the life of Richard Williams, the father and coach of famed tennis players Venus and Serena Williams, who were executive producers of the film.

As a result of the slapping incident Will Smith has been banned from the Oscars gala and other Academy events for 10 years.

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