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“You get a big old tank and then just f*cking run you guys over”: S’porean shares disturbing experience with boys who hurled racial slurs against Asians

The two boys online hurled racial slurs and insinuated death threats against Sean

Singapore — A young Singaporean has recently shared his disturbing experience with two boys who repeatedly and unapologetically threw racial slurs at him. Not only did the boys use derogatory words towards Asians like “Ch*ink” and “zipperhead,” they also nonchalantly joked about how the latter was a term that was first used in the Korean War and the Vietnam War when Asian soldiers were run down with tanks.Thousands have flocked to the video.

Sean took to TikTok on June 26 to share his experience which took place in Omegle, an online video chat forum where strangers can meet and talk about similar interests which they type in before being randomly matched with other users who have selected the same interests.
The TikTok video shows that it was a matter of seconds from when the call connected that the racial slur “ch*nk” was thrown at Sean. Though only one boy who appeared to be Caucasian appeared on the video screen above Sean’s, another boy could be heard throughout the recording.
The hidden boy was the first to chant “Ch*nk,” and his friend on video followed suit. To this, Sean sought clarification, asking “Ch*nk or Ching?”
Shockingly, instead of answering, the boy onscreen switched his chosen racial slur, and began chanting “Zipperhead.”
“You’re a f*cking zipperhead,” the boy said, before condescendingly asking, “Do you even speak English?”
Sean calmly confirmed.
The boy then crassly asked Sean if he knew what a “zipperhead” was. After Sean said he didn’t, the boy rubbed his eyes and began nonchalantly making reference to the atrocities that took place in the Korean War and the Vietnam War.
“Back in the day, right–when you guys were discriminated against, they’d line you Asians up line like–Asian, Asian, Asian, Asian, Asian, Asian, right? And then you get a big old tank and then just f*cking run you guys over–like head after head after head, just f*cking crush your f*cking heads down to f*cking pieces and turning your brains into f*cking splatter. 
Shocked, Sean replied “Wow…wow.”“And they call it zipperhead because they’re all just lined up–it’s like zipping a zipper. But instead of a zipper, it’s a tank. F*cking crushing your f*cking brains apart. And f*cking crushing your skulls into a f*cking smoothie.

At this, Sean’s eyes grew large in shock. He then asked, “Do you enjoy that? Or like…”
Again, instead of answering, the boy lightly change the topic, asking “How’s your day going?”
“I don’t…I don’t know,” Sean said.
The two boys decided to switch things up and use the term “fishhead” “because ch*nks always eat seafood. However, when they found out that Sean had no idea what “ch*ink” even meant, the on-screen boy said “It’s a f*cking Asian” while his unseen companion asked “How does he not know his own racial slurs?”
“It’s like–you know the word n*gger?” the on-screen boy asked.
This elicited the biggest response from Sean, who gasped in disbelied.
“It’s like–if you were a black person, I’d call you n*igger…but you’re Asian.”
The last thing that was heard before Sean clicked and stopped the call was the off-screen boy laughing. Still in disbelief, he said, “Guys, we need to cancel someone.”
Sean posted the video on Tiktok saying “This is not okay.” He not only called for an end to Asian racism but stood in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement, using the hashtags #BLM #stopAsianhate #BlackLivesMatter and #AsianLivesMatter.
He was reported to have told the Mothership about his decision to make the video public, saying it “needed to be shared because it is to show that people like this need to be stopped.”


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