AsiaZoo animals imitate humans fighting after watching brawl

Zoo animals imitate humans fighting after watching brawl

Monkey see, monkey do. So better be good, or monkey get in trouble too.

Beijing — After watching a fight break out among visitors, zoo animals allegedly followed suit and imitated what they just witnessed.

“A big fight that occurred at the Beijing Wildlife Park yesterday apparently set a very bad example for the animals witnessing it,” wrote one Manya Koetse on Twitter on Sunday (Aug 8).

She shared a video from Beijing Life showing an ongoing brawl among visitors.

There appeared to be two groups engaged in the fight, with individuals sprawled on the ground pulling each other’s hair.

Photo: Twitter screengrab

A woman carrying a child was seen kicking one of the women on the floor.

Photo: Twitter screengrab

The woman retaliates, but her target steps back.

Photo: Twitter screengrab

A few seconds later, the one carrying a child bends down and pulls on the woman’s hair.

Photo: Twitter screengrab

A man then walks over and kicks the woman, sending her to the ground.

Photo: Twitter screengrab

“According to the park, the animals imitated these wild humans and had their own altercation at night,” wrote the Twitter user.

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The park posted a statement on its WeChat account, noting that the fight erupted after two visitors argued over something trivial.

The altercation, which started verbally, soon turned physical, reported What’s on Weibo.

It was the first time those park animals witnessed such a fight among humans, said Beijing Wildlife Park.

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Zookeepers eventually stepped in and informed the animals that “fighting is bad, really bad.”

Netizens noted that the fight happened near the gorilla enclosures. /TISG


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